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Good Lord! – Single Mothers by Choice


headbrainjpgGood lord”, said my therapist when I told her I was trying to have another baby with my husband. “You haven’t even recovered from your other 2 baby losses. And all you do with your husband is fight. You don’t even seem to like him.”

“Good lord”, said my therapist when I told her about all the infertility things I was now going through again, for a third time. The mood changing Clomid, every diet known to increase fertility, 2x a week acupuncture, awful tasting tea made by a Chinese only Chinese pharmacy in Chinatown, and lots of lots of awful, awful timed sex, timed with the very best in $299 ovulation predictor kits. “Are you sure you want to put yourself through this now? I think you should SLOW DOWN you’re not even 35 yet. And you and your husband are not getting along.

”Good lord”, said my therapist when I told her I told her I was pregnant yet again.

And, “good luck,” she added. “I think we should increase the amount of time we see each other to 3 days a week”.

Good lord”, said my therapist when I called her, hysterically crying. I had had yet another miscarriage.“

Good lord”, said my therapist when I called her, hysterically crying that my husband was being a complete ass in couples therapy and was refusing to try to have another baby with me even though it was now 3 months later, we had agreed to try again, and here it was that exact time on the calendar we should be trying and I wanted that baby more than anything and he knew it.“Maybe it’s a good idea he won’t?” she ventured. “I think you should concentrate on your marriage before tying again. A baby won’t fix everything and it might only make things worse. Imagine, if you have a baby with him, you’ll be stuck fighting for custody until the child is 18 at least if you can’t make things work. Imagine his mother, [my words: the chain smoking, mean, rambling, passive-aggressive, jealous, possessive, borderline alcoholic], watching your child”.

“Good lord”, said my therapist when I told her I was going to get divorced and I was going to have a baby by myself. I had already chosen who/what/where and everything. “You’re moving too fast. You should SLOW DOWN!!”

“I’m so happy for you”, said my therapist when I told her I had done all I said I would and that now I was pregnant.

What more was there for her to say?

She said yay throughout my pregnancy and yay when the baby was born. Yay to my taking care of her and yay for what I was doing.

“Good lord”, said my therapist when I told her my father died suddenly and I was moving from NYC back to Miami Beach to be closer to my remaining family.

“Do you really think it’s a good idea for you to live with your mother?” I’m not sure I said, but it’s the best option I have.

“Good lord”, said my therapist when I told her how I was balancing a hectic job as a writer with a 1 hour drive to work from where I live, living with my mother, getting annoyed at my mother, rushing home everyday to be with my daughter for as long as I could, caring for one noisy cat, freelancing, trying to get caught up on getting manuscripts to my agent, comparing myself to my seemingly perfect stay-at-home mom sister with 2 kids who married a doctor and my other work-at-home sister who just had a baby and 2 months later looks like she was never pregnant at all, and living in a city where the people I was meeting in the park couldn’t fathom the possibility of happiness and hope in the single mom thing. They think I’m either going to try and steal their husbands or the fate of being single/divorced with baby will rub off, like a disease.

“Good lord”, said my therapist when I told her I was doing JDate.

“You really should STOP, REFLECT and WAIT until you adjust before embarking on a relationship.”

“Good lord”, said my therapist when I told her I now had a boyfriend I actually liked.

“SLOW DOWN!!! You don’t want to rush into things.”

I told her I wasn’t. I was enjoying myself.

“Good lord”, said my therapist – make sure you use birth control.

“Good lord,” I said. “I can’t believe I’d get pregnant that easy, not after all I’d gone through to get the one I have!”

And, here I am. Not pregnant at the writing of this!


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