Good Shepherd Shelter for Battered Women & Children Spring Brunch May 18, 2013

Good Shepherd Shelter for Battered Women & Children
Spring Brunch & Open House for Volunteers
May 18, 2013
Los Angeles, CA
photos, video & music : Anna Fisher

Good Shepherd Shelter for Battered Women and Children
where mothers rebuild and children relearn
P.O. Box 19487
Los Angeles, CA 90019-6233
(323) 737-6111

Or call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at
1 (800) 799−SAFE(7233) or TTY 1 (800) 787−3224.
In an emergency call 911

Break the Silence – Stop the Violence
Written by Anna Fisher

Break the Silence- Stop the Violence (2X)

There is a message in this song
I want you to take from me
The question isn’t “Why does she stay?”
But “How can she flee?”
Unless you’ve been the victim
Of power and control
You may not ever sympathize
With the ones who will not go.
It’s easy to say “If it happened to me I’d run right out the door!”
But those who leave run the greatest risk
Of dying on the floor.
Broken promises, excuses, blaming is useless
Where has my spirit disappeared to?
He’s robbed me of my integrity and
Covered me with bruises (covered me with bruises)

Break the Silence- Stop the Violence (2X)


Are you having trouble deciding
And feel you can stand the abuse
Remember winners always seek an answer
A loser just finds an excuse
So if you find yourself in that same dark hole
Reach out toward the light
And find your dream inside your heart
A solution is just in sight (just in sight)

Break the Silence -Stop the Violence (4X)

If you’re having problems at home
Find someone to talk to
A friend you trust
Anyone who believes in you.
You musn’t be ashamed
Don’t risk your life
Break that silence – stop the violence

© 1993, 1996, 2012 MOLIN MUSIC
Give thanks, one love, guide, protect, take care!


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