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Starting out I just want to say I do not condone using glitches at all, I’m only making this video to showcase
for phoeyu to see
This video will also involve atleast 2 people so make sure to go into my discord if you dont have anyone to do it with
(Link in description)
Ok now that thats over lets get into the glitch.
First you are going to want to have your friend outside of your party and have him reset.
Once he resets you will click B to kill him off, during that make sure you spam V like you are trying to pick him up
you will then see (like how it is on the screen) that you will be holding an invisible person
That means you did the glitch correctly!
(Make sure here to wait until your friend respawns)
From there you will then go down to him like I do here…
He will tp to you do very little damage then not attack you at all
I then take him to here, but you can really take him anywhere, and we just start working on killing him (Any way works)
Thats all there is to the glitch, its that easy. I’m not the one who originally found the glitch but the only videos I found
on it were in a different language so I thought I would make this for you guys 🙂
Anyways I hope you enjoyed the video, make sure to subscribe and join my discord and thats all. Goodbye

(Thank you guys for the support the last video went insane, I will keep bringing bangers to you guys dw)


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