Help Them (Arnhem Cares Charity Concerts East Africa 2011 theme)

Full day in the studio Popcentrum Jacobiberg, recording a theme song for the Charity event in December “Help Them”. More than 20 artists collaborating! Huge shout out to Niko, the main engineer, for investing time, effort, patience and knowledge!!! Artists: Drey on guitar, Seggydam and Benjamin T on vocals (all of Leeways) Daphne Flachs of Mysterious Deeds on vocals, Jeromy de Parra on vocals, percussion and tech support, Reanda, Linda and Patrick (vocals, choir), Titus Schulz on trumpet, Fokko Wesselius on tenor sax, Erik Valk on trombone, Ronny Schenk on trumpet, Aniek Brink on vocals, Tijn Jongedijk on Guitar (The Heat), Stefan Tim on vocals and harmonica (The Heat). Also the Inamix Reggae crew: Frank Baijer on guitar, Mariano van Minde on keyboards, Joris Neijenhuis on bass guitar, Sabrina Scholten on vocals, Robert Thomas on vocals, engineering and mixing. Big up Maurice v Brummelen… the cameraman and video editor, Big D on percussion, camera and organization! Shout out to the Black Rose Rebelz as well! Written by: Robert Thomas, Produced by: Niko and Robert, additional lyrics by Segal Le Corre and Benjamin Thode. Remember to keep December 23, 2011, free in your agenda! Huge Charity Stage Show event in Arnhem: Help Them! Two Stages: Luxor and Willemeen! All forthcoming proceeds are for “Save the Children” East Africa projects.


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