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Help Yeshar Help Women('s Center and Shelter of Greater Pittsburgh)!

I originally agreed to do this because two of my friends in Alpha Chi Omega at Carnegie Mellon asked me to, probably because they knew I’d find walking around in heels to be fun (yes, “fun”). What I didn’t realize immediately was that domestic violence, the issue that this fundraiser is aiming to mitigate, has had a direct impact on my life. Why didn’t I realize this until now? It’s complicated; if you know me well enough and/or are genuinely curious, please feel free to ask. Otherwise, take my word for it. 🙂

With that introduction, I hope I’ve given you a reason to support me as I walk around for X miles in (relatively) high heels. For every $25 I receive, I will walk one more mile in said heels. Also, any requests that are made, when accompanied with the proper financial incentive, will be executed, recorded, and posted in a video so that even mis amigos around the world can see.

To be explicit and unambiguous: this fundraiser is being run by Carnegie Mellon’s chapter of Alpha Chi Omega, meaning they will process all the funds and send the earnings to the Women’s Center and Shelter of Greater Pittsburgh ( which not only shelters battered women but strives to educate the community on the issue as well.

Donate here:

Here’s a link to the (Facebook) official event:

Thanks for your time (and maybe monetary support)!


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