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Heroes who fight human trafficking


Over the past few months, while many of us were preoccupied with politics and the pandemic, U.S. Marshals bravely carried out a series of nationwide operations that rescued hundreds of human trafficking victims in at least seven states. These victimized women, runaway youngsters and children had been enslaved into a dangerous and deadly lifestyle by criminals who used their captives’ bodies to enrich themselves.

Diane Dimond

I’m betting you probably didn’t hear much about this. In a time when its popular to bash anyone with a badge, teams of Marshals quietly joined with dozens of other federal, state and local law enforcement officers to liberate these lost souls. 

Not only were victims saved during these sweeps, but their captors were also arrested and charged with multiple felonies that could mean years in prison. These raids, with names such as “Operation Not Forgotten” and “Operation Patriot,” were carried out in places you would think were relatively safe.   


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