Homeless – An Invisible Citizen | Beghar-Adrishya Naagrik | COVID-19 | Shishir Uniyal | Documentary

We see them every day on roads, streets; or a traffic signal. We see them begging for money or food. We know they EXIST! Yet, they are not visible to many of us, at least morally. Hence, it won’t be wrong to say that they are ‘Homeless –Invisible Citizen!”
It is not just a film documenting the hardships these invisible citizens had to go through during the pandemic. It is a journey in which they were alone, not only fighting their regular battles but an invisible enemy – a virus that cannot be seen but is lethal.
Some were homeless before pandemic, some were rendered homeless during these toughest of times. And the problem still persists, not just on the soils of India, but on a global scale.

Research & Script – Bhagat Singh
Camera & Direction – Shishir Uniyal
With the support of – Sunil Kumar Aledia, CHD India


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