Homeless dog fights us even though he was badly injured!

Masik (pronounced Ma-seek) was so scared of people and on this mission, you will see Loreta Frankonyte at full speed after him! I am so happy I caught this whole thing on camera 🙂

Rescues like this happen only thanks to your donations. Surgeries are expensive and we just can’t do it without your help! The donate button is back and I hope you will use it… a $5 donation from everybody will make a HUGE difference and will enable us to get more injured animals off the streets.

Masik is still healing, and I would love for him to complete his healing process in his forever home. If you would like to adopt him, please contact our friends at L.A Animal Rescue:

If you can’t adopt him, please share his video with your family and friends and help us find him a loving forever home.

Thank you so much!


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