Homeless man asks Burger King worker 'What can I get for $0.50?' – The boy's response?

Homeless man asks Burger King worker ‘What can I get for $0.50?’ – The boy’s response?

Matthew Resendez is a young boy with a big heart whose act of kindness went a long way and serves as a perfect illustration of how no good act goes unrecognized.

Since he was a young boy his mom taught him how to treat everyone with respect no matter the social status of the people. He often knows how to lend a supporting hand to people in need.

Matthew’s mother is happy to support a boy who doesn’t have any prejudice towards individuals who are different or less fortunate.

One day, while Matthew was at work at Burger King, a homeless man entered the place. He was messy and wearing some scruffy clothes. He had a number of coins and it was clear he was hungry.

He did not bag for mercy but asked the young Matthew what he could possibly afford to purchase with the money he had.

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