You are currently viewing Homeless Man In Tears After Telling Us What He Misses  ***Emotional***

Homeless Man In Tears After Telling Us What He Misses ***Emotional***

Richard is almost 60 and has been homeless for 6 years. He became homeless due to his marriage falling apart which led to depression and alcoholism. His condition meant he was unable to work. Richards sense of humour is heart warming to see. In a different reality Richard could well have been a manager in a large company training other people. Richards story is the story of many others that are homeless just like him. We wanted to do something nice for Richard and decided to make a Part 2 to his journey with us. To be continued…

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Homelessness is a growing issue for the UK with more than 300,000 people living on the streets. Many of these people don’t even make it onto the official figures.

The Unseen is an organisation we set up to give Homeless people a platform to have their stories and their struggles heard. We also want everyday people to have an opportunity to understand what leads a person into being Homeless. We at the The Unseen believe that everybody has a responsibility to help the unfortunate.

We want employers and regular people to support the homeless towards getting back into work and off the streets.

We hope their stories can touch the hearts of many.

Living on the street is no way to live.

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