Homeless Man Scared He May Not Wake Up The Next Morning

We met Adrian in Ilford. He approached us while we were giving out some of the clothes that our followers on social media had donated to us. Another homeless person had told Adrian to come find us. Adrian has been homeless for a year and is hoping to get a job again and work his way out of the streets. What stood out to us when Adrian told us that his family do not know that he is homeless and he feels too ashamed to tell his mum because as a son he feels he should be the one helping her instead of him asking her for help. Adrian sleeps in a car park where there are many other homeless people that also sleep there. The past few weeks have been really cold with snow and ice and its has been especially difficult for the homeless to get by.

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Homelessness is a growing issue for the UK with more than 300,000 people living on the streets. Many of these people don’t even make it onto the official figures.

The Unseen is an organisation we set up to give Homeless people a platform to have their stories and their struggles heard. We also want everyday people to have an opportunity to understand what leads a person into being Homeless. We at the The Unseen believe that everybody has a responsibility to help the unfortunate.

We want employers and regular people to support the homeless towards getting back into work and off the streets.

We hope their stories can touch the hearts of many.

Living on the street is no way to live.

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