Homeless shepherd shares hunter-gatherer diet & survival tips

For more than a decade, Aaron Fletcher has lived as a nomadic shepherd, mostly out of a micro-camper pulled by his sheep. He supports himself as an itinerant farmhand through work trading, bartering his sheep’s milk for food and supplies. He also skill-shares in exchange for food, “including wool felting, wool spinning, cheesemaking, survival, bushcraft, etc.”

He considers himself a herder-gatherer and his diet consists of a lot of milk and cheese (courtesy of his sheep), as well as foraged foods (wild greens, seeds, and even ingredients to make his own toothpaste) and some traded meat, potatoes, and citrus (especially after learning he was deficient in Vitamin C).

He’s lived in apartments and conventional homes, and he was about to purchase a home before deciding to go nomadic a dozen years ago. He now lives all year, even during the snowy Oregon winter, in his tiny sheep cart that is fitted out with a bed, folding table, solar freezer, wood-burning stove, and solar cooker.

He defines himself as “homefree” or “the opposite of being homeless… it’s also the opposite of being housed, it’s like the third side of a coin. There have always been the haves, and the have-nots (possessions), but homefree means being a have-not-want”. Fletcher sees his sheep-pulled as the ideal-sized home: more equipped than living off pack boxes, but less cluttered than a traditional house.

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