How adoption changed these families’ lives


Wooster resident Brandi Humphrey shares her story about how she decided to choose adoption. She placed her son for adoption six months ago and worked with a family throughout her pregnancy.

WOOSTER When Brandi Humphrey found out she was pregnant, she wanted to give her baby a better life.

As someone who has struggled with addiction for 15 years, the Wooster resident wasn’t in the right place to raise another child. She has six children — none of which lived with her. The road to sobriety is a difficult one, and Humphrey was at the beginning of her journey.

Humphrey knew the baby’s best chance was with another family, which is why she chose adoption.

“I was new in recovery,” Humphrey said. “I was so scared that I was going to fall back into that. I didn’t want to put a baby through that. I decided right from the beginning I was going to do adoption.”


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