How can we free a poor and childless father from labor and help him every month? join(AWF)

هغه سپين ږيری بابا چې 80 کلن شو خو د نېستۍ څخه خلاص نشو
قدرمنو دوستانو! لکه څرنګه مې چې تاسې سره مخکې هم د دې بېچاره بابا د ژوند مشکلات شريک کړي وو، نن يو ځل بيا د هغې پوښتنې لپاره د هغې کور ته راغلم. دا بېچاره بابا د غربت تر څنګ اولاد هم نلري. د بېوسۍ په جونګړه کې د ژوند د سختو ستونزو سره لاس ګرېوان دی.
بهتره مې وګڼله چې دوئ لپاره د کور ټوله سودا واخلم.
نور حال په ويډيو کې وګورۍ.

That old man which has reached 80 but still suffers the economic crisis
Dear friends! As I had shared the life worst situations of this old man, once again, I came to his home to ask about him. Besides the poverty, this man does not have children as well. He lives a helpless life in his old house.
I felt necessary to purchase all the household food items for him.
For more details, please watch this video.

The Atta Welfare Foundation (AWF) is a non-commercial organisation, aim to help the needy. We provide aid over 18910 citizens around the country, in aim to improve lifestyle of families, develop education platforms and plan lifestyle services.
Since established, AWF treats children when bought from labour or any hard circumstances to raise awareness to their families in order to support the child’s education and the essentials needed.
We believe that everyone should have a sufficient education consequently, we provide bursaries to adults who cannot afford their education fees and to send them to private universities and colleges.
1.8 million people die every year of diarrheal diseases like cholera, Afghanistan included in the statistics. Consequently, we create clean water facilities to reduce the risk of bad sanitation, because all human beings have the right to drink clean water. So far we have completed over hundreds of projects including creating wells. In addition, we have constructed mosques in many provinces included with necessary equipment.
For workers who have lost their jobs we train and support them in order to send them back to work. Many of these job opportunities given; are opening a shop, giving support to open new businesses and many more.
We give zakat and Sadaqa to the people in need of assistance, and fundraise toward natural disasters that occur.
We need a humanitarian appeal from our, brothers and sisters in this arduous time, in order for us to support families in need across Afghanistan.
Please contribute your humble donations to Atta Welfare Foundation, details are following:
WhatsApp number is: 0093781668760
Bank account details are bellow;
Beneficiary: Atta Welfare Foundation USD acct
Bank name: Afghanistan international bank (AIB)
Account Number: 0043112043257101

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موږ په دې سخت وخت کې د خپل ، ورور او خویندو بشردوستانه غوښتنو ته اړتیا لرو ، ترڅو موږ په ټول افغانستان کې اړو کورنیو سره مرسته وکړو.
که غواری چې عطا خیریه بنسټ سره مرسته وکری

ما به برادران و خواهران خود در این زمان دشوار نیاز به یک درخواست بشردوستانه داریم تا بتوانیم از خانواده های نیازمند در سراسر افغانستان حمایت کنیم.
اگر بخواهید با عطا خيريه بنسټ کمک کنید

اگراپ چاھتےھیں کہ عطا ویلفیر پاونڈیشن کی ساتھ مدد کرے
ہمیں اس مشکل وقت میں اپنے ، بھائیوں اور بہنوں سے انسان دوستی کی اپیل کی ضرورت ہے ، تاکہ ہم پورے افغانستان میں ضرورتمند خاندانوں کی امداد کریں۔
للمساعدة في مؤسسة عطا الخيرية
نحن بحاجة إلى نداء إنساني من إخواننا وأخواتنا في هذا الوقت العصيب ، حتى نتمكن من دعم الأسر المحتاجة في جميع أنحاء أفغانستان.
Director: AWF
Editor: AWF
Content :- Ataullah shigiwol


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