How I Tried to Help Poor People, And What Actually Happened

Can we beat poverty? All around the world, there are people who have fallen on rough times and can’t make ends meet. And you can make these people’s days a little brighter. For example, you can donate clothes or redirect your own gifts. The truth is, all it takes is something little. So how can you help others in need if you have no extra money?

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– There are organizations out there that take office attire and donate it to people who are getting back on their feet and looking for new jobs but can’t afford new work clothes. You can find all these great programs online!
– The next time you go to a restaurant and see someone sitting outside of it asking for money, tell them that you have some money to spare and would love to buy them a hot meal. If you feel comfortable, have them come into the restaurant with you and order something.
– Homeless women have no way to buy the basic healthcare products they need every month. You can hand these care packages out to women on the street who are in need, or you can look up shelters that are taking those types of donations
– There are a couple of national organizations you can donate money to that help women find healthcare clinics and professionals to help them.
– Try smiling at someone who looks like they’re having a rough time. For someone who is begging for money on the street, seeing someone stop and acknowledge them can mean everything.
– If you happen to pass someone on the street who doesn’t look like they’re feeling well or looks like they could use some medical attention (but it’s not necessarily an emergency), dial 311 and ask for help.
– Another easy way to give to people in need is to redirect your own gifts.
– If you’d like to donate money every once in a while but just can’t, try budgeting the expense into your monthly spending.

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