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How should foundations influence public policies? – ESSEC Philanthropy Chair | ESSEC Chair

Lunch & Learn seminar organized by the Philanthropy Chair at ESSEC Business School on June 5 2019 – The power of foundations: How should foundations influence public policies?

Guest speakers:
Megan Tompkins-Stange, Professor of Public Policy, University of Michigan (USA). Author of « Policy patrons: Philanthropy, education reform, and the politics of influence » (Harvard Education Press, 2016).
Delphine Lalu, Head of the CSR department in AG2R LA MONDIALE and General Secretary of Fondation AG2R LA MONDIALE

As private organizations working for the public good, foundations fund initiatives in various areas of interest for policymakers, such as health, education or culture.
They are described as “independent” because they have no shareholders, no members, and no voters to please. As long as they respect the law and their charter, they enjoy considerable freedom to act in innovate ways. Some of them go beyond changes “on the ground” and have an explicit goal to promote policy reform and thus drive profound change in local, national or international policies.
Which approaches are more likely to succeed? What should be foundations’ role in policy-making amidst the current wave of populism and distrust towards elites? To what extent are foundations legitimate to influence public policies given their “non-democratic” character?

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