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How sleep pods are saving homeless people in Bristol this winter


Sleep pods are being built for homeless people in Bristol by young people at City of Bristol College.

The organisation believe that this winter is ‘likely to see an even greater rise in rough sleeping’ as a result of the extreme financial and employment crisis that the pandemic has caused.

The college is concerned that this winter Bristol’s streets will experience levels of homelessness never seen before, and believe there will be a ‘huge demand’ for the sleep pods.

The pods will be distributed across the city by a range of local homeless charities including, Feed The Homeless soup kitchen in Champion square, People’s Republic of Stokes Croft, BOSH and Caring in Bristol.

The 16 to 25-year-olds studying at the City of Bristol College, have already raised £200 and awareness on behalf of Bristol Sleep Pods as part of their social action project for their course.

The pods are being constructed to help those sleeping rough as an emergency aid to prevent deaths.

The students build anywhere between 15-30 a day

With the second lockdown announcement and the impact of the pandemic on our economy, the college believes “it is extremely concerning for the homelessness crisis [we are already in]”.

Ashley Barnett, 18, student and aspiring zoologist said: “During the current climate we are in, we thought who better to help than the homeless and we need to prevent unnecessary deaths this winter.

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“Our aim is to raise enough money for resources to create ten thousand sleep pods”

The pods are insulated as well as rainproof and windproof and are quick and easy to use They cost £30.

The organisation have also launched a crowdfunding campaign and have so far raised £26,792 of their £50,000 goal to keep the homeless warm this winter.


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