How To Advertise With Invisible Inventory

With the dealership loyalty rates diminishing and the chip shortage continuing on for the foreseeable future, this is not the time to save a quick dollar and pull back on advertising. In fact, we’ll make the argument that it’s time to step on the gas. If you aren’t staying top of mind with the modern digital consumer appearing where they want to easily connect with you via Google, social media, or personal outreach (text/video), your local competition most likely is.

Join me as I sit down with our Super Mega Panel of Sarah Ciociola, Hannah Lifson, April Simmons, and Laurie Halter to discuss this much needed topic.

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2:45 Whether From The Dealer’s Perspective or The Agency’s Perspective, How Have Marketing Strategies Changed In 2022? Are You Proactive Or Reactive? Are You Keeping Your Branding On Point And Not Losing Sight Of The Goal? Are You Working With Your Business Partners Or Hanging Them Out to Dry? Is There An Emphasis On Education?
14:24 Want Some Facts And Data To Back Up These Thoughts? Check Out These Google Search Trends Year Over Year And How Customer Searches Have Skyrocketed In Automotive. Searches For “Car Repair And Maintenance” Have Grown 650% Year Over Year According To Google Trends. There Has Been A 40% To 60% Increase In Searches For “Dealers Near Me” Depending On The OEM
15:24 How Has Your Messaging Changed? Are You Front Of Mind For Generation Z And The Younger Generation? What Is Your “Why?”
18:18 Dealership Rates Are Diminishing – How Are You Conquering Your Local SEO? How Are You Incorporating Video?
23:27 Are Streamlining the Customer Experience? Have You Revised Your Digital Landscape to Meet Your Consumer’s Needs?
27:04 Google Analytics (Soon to Be GA4) Is Another Tool In Our Toolbelt – Not The End All Be All
33:10 Why Is It Important To Inspect Google Daily? The Google Algorithms Break, Robots And Artificial Intelligence Run Behind The Scenes, And If You Don’t Keep Your Finger On The Pulse, Your Digital Landscape Could Bleed From The Carotid Arteries
37:21 From Every Guest Today, What Is One Actionable Piece Of Information That Can Be Implemented Back In The Dealership?
42:28 Lightning Round

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