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How to help homeless children | News


There are numerous ways those interested in helping the EACH initiative can pitch in.

Become a housing Champion

All EACH families have a house in which to live for two years, but every family needs to be in a position to transition into permanent housing after that.

One or more “housing champions” are needed to work with moms in the program to assess needs, survey the market and ultimately apply for a lease to secure post-program housing.

Parents who enter the EACH Program may or may not have employment. Some have jobs that do not pay enough for them to meet their expenses when the family leaves the program. To be self-sufficient the parent may need to change employment or adopt a new career path, perhaps even additional education.

Career champions are needed to come alongside parents to help them realistically consider their options for the future and help them implement those options.

All families have a financial skill partner who, together with the case manager, works closely with the family to set financial goals, monitor spending, explore income needs, and establish monthly budgets. But, that’s not enough.

Some have never purchased a car, consolidated credit card loans, explored the variety of auto insurance premiums before buying, or simply comparison shopped for everything from food to clothing.

One or more purchasing champions” are needed to come alongside the parents and talk through things to consider when making purchases.

To date, a few families have provided the operational expenses for the EACH Initiative, but the base of support needs to expand.

Potential donors can help by making a charitable contribution to the 501(c)(3) organization, give a qualified charitable deduction from their 401-K that will reduce income and taxes; donate rather than trade their car

“The only employed person at EACH is Mindy Rathbone, the case manager who provides immense benefits to the kids and their parent. A donation is truly a contribution to families whose futures were in dire jeopardy before they entered the EACH Program. Consider making a difference.”


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