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Human trafficking victim identified and being remembered


GREENVILLE, N.C. (WITN) – We now know the name of the 16-year-old who died December 30th from an apparent drug overdose, after police say a man held the girl against her will and forced her to prostitute.

A community mourns the loss of Nandy Clayton.

The 16-year-old is described, by her pastor, as being a sweet girl who was a go-getter.

Nandy left behind a large family, friends and a 2-year-old son.

Nandy died from a drug overdose at the Baymont Inn in Greenville, where police said she was held against her will and forced to engage in prostitution.

Police say Nandy, who turned 16 on Dec. 7th, had been in an ongoing relationship with her abuser, 21-year-old Anthony Cox.

Eliza Bleu says she is a human trafficking advocate and survivor.

She explains that she was attached to her former abusers and it was very hard for her to get away.

A Go-Fund-Me was created to cover the cost of laying Nandy to rest, and help start a fund to assist in opening a facility that helps young girls get out of situations like the one Nandy was in.

Page wants people to know that human trafficking isn’t always a van with tinted windows that you need to look out for. It is also someone you can be close to.

The number for the Human Trafficking Hotline is 1-888-373-7888.

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