Hunger Song, Feed The Hungry – Million Meals of HoPE

Million Meals of HoPE

“Where Will My Next Meal Come From?”

Listen to our Hunger Song and feed the hungry. Join your hands with us
to help the poor people who are in need of food.

The Official Kick Off Date for this initiative was July 22nd 2013, and now is in full swing with the target of feeding a million!

Please join us in feeding the hungry…help the estimated 1 billion of the world’s population experience love, compassion and HoPE.

Every single day, this question stares into the faces of millions of the world’s poor. And all they can do is HOPE…that their next meal will come from SOMEONE.

Would you like be the ONE…who can end their wait and serve them that delicious meal. And when you do that, you know what…you are sharing HOPE itself.

Your passion & compassion is the secret sauce to create a WORLD WITHOUT HUNGER. Come, let’s join hands & hearts and pledge to serve a MILLION MEALS OF HOPE.

HoPE Meals Go Global!
Meals are regularly distributed through our HoPE Learning Centers in India and by our teams in Mexico, Malaysia, Philippines, US and Canada.

How to Contribute to ‘Million Meals of HoPE’?

A. Donate to the Global Million Meals of HoPE:
1. Go to

2. Select Million Meals of HoPE from the Designate Drop Down Box on the Donate Page

Every $1 Sponsors 3 meals

B. Pledge and Feed!
1. Go to and find out about the Million Meals of HoPE Initiative.

Pledge the number of meals that you will serve and after the feeding, watch the tally on the home page increase! Read stories of other like minded compassionate individuals and see pictures of the inspired acts of kindness compassion and Grace!

C. Volunteer at an organization to do a feeding in your city.
What would this look like? It could be as easy as handing out peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to the homeless at your local shelter!

for more information on how to join the Feeding a Million Meals of HoPE Solution please visit


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