Hungry Boi

oh noe, big boye’s bowl is empty again. how could that happen.. Don’t worry Doggo, you gonna get your favourite nugs right now πŸ˜…

– Inspired by Shibenation –

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Wise Woofers:
πŸ† Chase Cutler
πŸ₯ˆ Wheel
πŸ’ Tyro Lavine
πŸ’ Generic Scottish Channel
πŸ’ Nick Moran
πŸ’ Matty Harrison
πŸ’ joshua xd
πŸ’ Handly
πŸ’ Luke

πŸ• Yoshi Doshi
πŸ• datruemlgmaster
πŸ• Mr. Megaman
πŸ• LΒ² Studio
πŸ• Vegan Nomad Chick
πŸ• Hanna Liauchonak
πŸ• Nate
πŸ• lolyoshi
πŸ• Freddy
πŸ• Akira
πŸ• david sherman

🍼 MinipongTV
🍼 Josh Genet
🍼 Samuel John Gottschall
🍼 HybridGear
🍼 Yuri Ibraev
🍼 Kay Renee
🍼 Maciej Kowalski
🍼 Julianna Rose Provenzano
🍼 Luca Guarnaschelli
🍼 DoggoIsBorking
🍼 Just Martin

πŸ†= highest donor
πŸ₯ˆ= second highest donor


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