'Hungry Guys' – Parody Song | Super Size Guys

James & I are hungry guys in this parody song of hungry eyes
Original Song by Eric Carmen
Download the original Hungry eyes on itunes

All video footage my own made up from some Giant food videos made to date on the Giant Food Playlist

More Music Food Stuff i’ve done ages ago!

We’ve been meaning to tell you
We’ve got this feeling that’s super size
We look at food and we fantasise
It can grow in size
We’re gonna need some more exercise

We are hungry guys
We look at food and we supersize
We are hungry guys
Feel the banter between you and I

I need to tell you so hear me out
Head butting a tea cake is all about
Concussion tonight
The Elderly
Didn’t put up a fight

Because they’re hungry guys
Hand in hot syrup is so unwise
When you’re hungry guys
Can make a man fall between you and I

Hungry guys
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Hungry guys
Peanut butter cup before your eyes

I need you to see
Cookie cup raining down on me

Hungry guys
A stonking feeling thats super size
When you’re
Hungry guys
Were going to need some exercise

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