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Hungry Kitty is Waiting for Someone to Give her Food and Love. Episode 2



Hello everyone…
I am Lily from Indonesia. Thank you for coming to my channel. On October 2019 I just returned to my homeland from United Arab Emirates. For more than 20 years I worked abroad In Abu Dhabi city. I love animals, there I feed stray cats on the streets every day. 10 to 20 cats I feed every day in around my apartment. And that’s all I use my personal money. And also I rescued two cats Clara and Toby from the streets. Until finally Clara gave birth to 5 cutes kittens. Now in my homeland I’m continue my mission to help abandoned animals who need help. In the past I did not need anyone’s help, because I had money because I had a job. But now I need your help guys..
I don’t want to set up a PayPal account and ask donation to you guys!. Because I know you guys aren’t all rich people and have a lots of money. I just want to ask you a favor just by using your fingers. By supporting this channel. By subscribe, like, comment and share the videos I’m sure all of you can do it. Because this is free!! And you won’t lose anything if you do it. Without your help I cannot do anything to help them. Please.. help me to realize my dream. I don’t dream of becoming a rich person, because I won’t carry it when I die. My dream are very simple, I just want the rest of my life to be useful to others. Not only for humans but to animals as well. Remember guys… Their lives are dependent on your fingers. Thank you for supporting this channel ? God bless you all

Lily Ivo
So many peoples who has a gold hearts, they told me to make a Paypal account. They sincerely want to help the kitties, because they know how expensive everything is for cats.
Guys, if you are willing to help the kitties you can send your donations to my Paypal account through my e-mail address: This e-mail address is linked to my Paypal account. You simply enter my e-mail address in your Paypal account in the SEND option(then follow the instruction),It will instantly going to my Paypal account. No matter how much your donation, I am very grateful because it will be very helpful for kitties. Thank you in advance guys….only God will repay your kindness.
In each of my videos, There are many people ask about the cats have short tails. Here I want to explain a little about cats that have short tails(bobtails). In my country Indonesia, short-tailed cat it’s common.We will see many short-tailed cats here, which may be due to genetic factors. So it’s not because it’s broken or someone abusing it.
They have short tails since they birth.
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