I will refocus my resolutions more on how I can be a better neighbor, citizen and contributor to society

Andrea K. McDaniels

I have never been good at keeping New Year’s resolutions. I make too many, and they are too grand and unwieldy to ever stick with. I don’t come up with a plan on how to keep them or hold myself accountable. I set myself up for failure every single January.

Scrapping resolutions for 2021 seemed the best thing to do. It’s hard enough psychologically to keep any sense of normalcy during this era of COVID. Why add the extra pressure of meeting unreachable goals?

Instead, I am looking at resolutions in a different way. I won’t be committing myself to eating fewer snacks, undertaking early-morning workouts, reading 100 books or not buying so many shoes. All the “how to succeed in life books” say the high achievers are most productive in the morning, take care of their bodies, are well read and don’t spend frivolously. And every year I tell myself that surely I can be one of those people.

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