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ICPASS Charity Concert 2015 – Dawnbreak Trailer


ICPASS Annual Charity Concert 2015是由一班在倫敦帝國學院熱心於公共事務和社會服務的學生所籌辨。今年ICPASS再度為奧比斯籌款,除了希望可以讓更多人關心奧比斯在發展中國家幫助視障人士的工作外,其主要目的是透過輕鬆搞幽默的話劇去講述四個唯我獨尊的少年如何衝破自己的盲點,然後一同去改寫自己的一生。

當晚同場還會有SUPPER MOMENT與大家唱到無盡,還有獲獎無數、經驗豐富的新興混聲合唱團The Greeners’ Sound以他們的天籟之聲為我們錦上添花,再加上由五位出神入化的搖滾樂手組成的ANIMAVIVA將表演氣氛推到高點,當然更少不了一個愛唱愛作的青春少艾,開心寫歌,傷心都寫歌,給她一把結他,她便能唱到世界盡頭的本地唱作家Sidick Lam,以及在國際上獲得多個獎項的著名鋼琴家、小提琴家、作曲家和指揮家的梁學翹。最後倫敦帝國學院弦樂團也會在當日為大家演奏媲美大師級的配樂。


門票現於快達票售票網公開發售:位於香港會議展覽中心,香港演藝學院,演藝學院古蹟校園-伯大尼,藝穗會,亞洲國際博覽館,九龍灣國際展貿中心及K11 Select的售票處,以及遍佈全港的通利琴行!

Four youths, represented by the four seasons. Their story will be weaved right before your eyes, follow them on their intriguing trip of self-searching, and perhaps you will find a piece of yourself in them as well. Many influential figures will appear along the ride, passing on their message and teachings through the universal language of music.

SUPPER MOMENT will make an appearance, along with the enthusiastic choral group THE GREENERS’ SOUND. International award-winning pianist, violinist, composer and conductor JOHNSON LEUNG HOK KIU will grace them with his mastery of the piano. UK-based 5-piece funk/soul band ANIMAVIVA will bring their different and unique touch, contrasting local talent SIDICK LAM who claims that if we ‘give her a guitar, she will sing till the world ends’. Finally, coming from the same place as the host, the IMPERIAL COLLEGE ENSEMBLE will tie it all up and bring the Concert home.

Join them as they venture towards the light. At the crack of dawn, what awaits them beyond the horizon?

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