I’m always hungry – Raw Vegan newbies

There’s always a reason why you don’t feel satisfied after a meal on a raw vegan diet. Especially as a newbie, I totally understand you. Watch my video to find out my 3 most important tips to feel full and light at the same time!

Hello friends, welcome back!

My name is Areli and I am a Physician, a Pathologist, and Neuropathologist. Besides pathology, one of my passions is health promotion by teaching the benefits of a plant-based diet with an emphasis on raw foods. Since approximately 10 years ago I have studied nutrition on my own and I have come to the conclusion that a well planned raw vegan diet is the most optimal diet for humans.

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I hope you consider investing in yourself this year. Attending fruit festivals is a great way to make your transition into the living foods lifestyle easier. Another way is to recreate in a raw version of the processed food you are used to eating.

Raw Food is supposed to be a world of abundance and should be fun. I personally love Melissa Keath raw food recipes. It’s unbelievable the number of amazing meals you can create and how easy it is to make your favourite dishes. Find Melissa’s series of “Joy with Raw Foods” here:

I will be a presenter at the Canada fruit-fest 2019, August 9-12. and I hope to connect with you if you attend. Get your tickets here:
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