impact2020 webinar: Will Australian charities be COVID-19 casualties or partners in recovery?

Charities strengthen the fabric and functioning of Australia’s society and economy with wide-spread benefits to education, health care, sports and recreation, aged care, religion, arts and culture, animal protection, and environmental protection.

As a community, we especially rely on charities during crisis.

Stronger charities will be well positioned to support the community, accelerating our collective recovery. But weakened charities, forced to cut jobs and services, will compound the collective challenges we face.

In a report produced in partnership with Social Ventures Australia (SVA) and the Centre for Social Impact (CSI) we forecast that more than 200,000 jobs in the charity sector could be lost as a result of the COVID-19 crisis if financial supports, such as JobKeeper and lease and loan deferrals, come to an end in October 2020.

The report, Will Australian charities be COVID-19 casualties or partners in recovery? A Financial Health Check, models the potential impact on the financial health of Australia’s 16,000 registered charities with employees (excluding those run purely by volunteers) to better understand the effects and identify systemic solutions.

Join us for this impact2020 webinar, in partnership with Social Ventures Australia, for an in-depth analysis with report authors, CSI CEO Professor Kristy Muir and SVA CEO Suzie Riddell, with special guest Dr Cassandra Goldie, CEO of ACOSS.

About impact2020:

These are unprecedented times and the upheaval to our society will require an extraordinary response from our leaders, our thinkers and our do-ers.

impact2020 – presented by the Centre for Social Impact – offered free daily webinars with our educators, researchers and thought leaders in daily webinars over six weeks during April, May and June 2020. We covered the breadth and complexity of social impact and we brought our diverse Australian for-purpose sector together.

You can watch the 35 webinar recordings in our impact2020 YouTube channel:

As the first impact2020 webinar series was so successful CSI is producing monthly webinars in partnership with our network from June 2020. See the upcoming webinar program on the impact2020 website:


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