“India, a positive global example in addressing COVID…”, says Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation CEO

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation CEO Mark Suzman expressed his opinion about India and its global leadership to ANI on January 17. While talking to ANI on India’s global leadership during COVID-19, he said India has been a very positive global example in addressing the COVID crisis. “India has been a very positive global example in terms of addressing the COVID crisis through the manufacturing and distribution of 2.2 billion vaccines through the COWIN platform which is really a model for other countries. We were proud to be able to have worked with the Serum Institute of India to manufacture some of the vaccines and to help with some of the primary health care facilities. It is really a model not only because of the COVID response, but also because of the infrastructure that has been put in place,” said Mark Suzman.While talking about India’s G20 leadership, he said, “This is a critical moment for global leadership and the fact that India is in the position of chair in G20 at this time of global crisis is encouraging, because India has shown a very strong commitment to global health issues, and development issues like digital infrastructure. There are a number of great models and examples of how India address these issues including COVID pandemic response and medical counter measures that need more action globally.”

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