Indian street dog | Feeding street dogs | RAWS | Part-19 | Hungry for love – Food is not all

***Help To Get 10 M Subscription For Them to Get Their Own Home Land***

We took a target 🎯 of private Dog Sanctuary for 1000 abandoned and helpless dogs. At their old age they need close care and affection. We seek your appreciation through Like, Share & Subscription.

We take care of their one time food under the sky. We don’t expect any donation. Give us one like and share with your three friends and tell them to do the same. Let us get 10M view so that we can give shelter to these amazing creatures with all amenities.

RAWS – Rahaat Animal Welfare Association is an initiative to provide foods and affection to stray animals. We foster these speachless creatures at our personal capacity.

We don’t accept donations. Please motivate us with your well-wishers. Please Subscribe, Like and Share.


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