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Indiaspora Philanthropy Summit 2020 | Diya TV

Indiaspora Philanthropy Summit 2020

Mary Millben, Award-Winning Actress/Singer
“The Invisible Indian American” Report Launch: Devesh Kapur
Shining a spotlight on the underprivileged Indian diaspora in the U.S.

Panel 1: Our experiences define our giving journey
Powerful Diaspora Giving Examples
– Raj and Aradhana (Anna) Asava – Co-founders of HungerMitao
– Shailaja Akkapeddi – Independent Consultant
– Deepak Chopra – CEO, Freedom Employability Academy (FEA)
– Akhtar Badshah (Moderator) – Founder, Catalytic Innovators Group

Capturing the Global Diaspora by Preston Merchant

Panel 2: Philanthropy’s Watershed Moment
How can the philanthropic ecosystem adapt for greater impact in this urgent time?
– Sumir Chadha – Co-founder and Managing Director, WestBridge Capital Partners
– Stephanie Gillis – Director, Impact Driven Philanthropy Initiative, Raikes Foundation; Senior Advisor of Philanthropy, Giving Compass
– Ankur Vora – Chief Strategy Officer, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
– Sri Rajan (Moderator) – Partner, Bain & Company
India Philanthropy Alliance
Engaging the Youth in Philanthropy
– Mona Shah (Moderator)

Essay Competition Winners

Panel 3: Socially Responsible Investing
Enhanced Focus on Impact Investing & Building Philanthropic Partnerships
– Shekar Narasimhan – Managing Partner, Beekman Advisors, Inc.
– Sachi Shenoy – Co-founder and Chief Impact Officer, Upaya Social Ventures
– Vijay Advani – Executive Chairman, Nuveen
– Radhika Nayar – Director, Arabella Advisors

Keynote address
Vidya Shah – Founder and CEO, EdelGive Foundation

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