Introducing Cannes Chimera with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

In May 2012 Cannes Lions and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation launched a unique challenge to find innovative new ways to convince the public of the success of overseas aid. Now, after an overwhelming response from the creative industries, the second phase of the project is getting underway.

During the First Round, 914 entries from 85 countries responded to the challenge. In November 2012 a small group of finalists will be flown to Seattle to join the first-ever Chimera – a unique selection of past Cannes Lions Grand Prix winners – for a two-day workshop where together they fine-tune their ideas. They will also be awarded $100,000 each. After Seattle they can potentially earn $1,000,000 to bring their ideas to life.

And the challenge is continuing. A second Chimera has been selected from Grands Prix winners from Cannes Lions 2012 and a new brief is now open.

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