Invisible Disability || KINDLE Facts || KINDLE KNACK

Invisible disability isn’t a disability… Rather it’s a hidden ability to perceive things in a bit different way. In this episode of KINDLE Facts hear us speak about this invisible battle that many people are fighting without it being known to the world.

Research driven by-
Apurva Ashish @apurva0301

Srijita Choudhury @srijita._.18
Apurva Ashish @apurva0301
Saswat Nanda @saswatnanda10
Inayah Akhter @inayah_125
Aparajita Jha @aparajita6_
Jyotsana Singh @jyotsana_singh_279
Siddharth Prusty @0108_siddharth

Video by-
Ashish Mohite @x_ryoshi_x

Siddharth Prusty @0108_siddharth


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