Is Twitter "Philanthropy" A Scam? (deep dive into free money giveaways)

internet analysis: twitter philanthropy AKA giving away money on twitter…. what’s the deal?? is this a scam? is it legit? WHY?? let’s discuss charity, giveaways, and more. Why do people like MrBeast and Bill Pulte give away money on Twitter and other platforms?

0:00 – intro
0:40 – the tweet that started it all… a $30,000 giveaway by MrBeast & Bill Pulte
1:30 – aren’t giveaways just a way to buy followers? let’s do the math and see how much they “paid” for each new follower gained…
4:09 – why am I so skeptical and pessimistic??
4:53 – MrBeast’s channel is all about gimmicks, including giving away money to strangers
5:59 – “Giving Homeless People $1,000” video
6:47 – MrBeast’s strategy is give away/spend money, go viral, repeat
7:50 – “Money Spending Content” will be my next video topic lmao looking at you, David Dobrik!!!
8:27 – back to twitter… MrBeast is a “human ATM,” what about Pulte??
8:44 – Bill Pulte, Philanthropist and (self-proclaimed) Inventor of Twitter Philanthropy
10:12 – more Pulte tweets
11:41 – people are desperate to win money on twitter… many of them enter giveaways constantly
12:39 – which is more effective? charity, or welfare / social safety nets ? we shouldn’t have to rely on gofundme or twitter giveaways for survival
14:52 – where is Pulte’s money coming from? who is he??
15:52 – Pulte is crowdfunding for donations. Join the “team” !
17:00 – quick moment to discuss corporate philanthropy
18:12 – the TeamPulte website is confusing
20:16 – what is TeamGiving ?
21:09 – does Bill fund his twitter giveaways? orrrr CashApp giveaway theory
22:26 – what about the needy people who don’t have access to internet / twitter?
23:26 – watch out for scammers and fake twitter philanthropists

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