Jason Vangundy arrested on charges of sex trafficking minor teen girls


Jason Vangundy.

A Valley man suspected of sex trafficking four minors in May was arrested by Mesa Police’s Human Exploitation and Trafficking unit after one of the victims contacted police, according to police records. 

Jason Vangundy, 37, has been accused of prostituting four girls between the ages of 16 and 17. Two of the victims have come forward, while police have yet to locate the other two. 

At least one of the victims was previously reported missing and all four of the victims had run away from group homes, said Detective Jason Flam, a spokesperson for the Mesa Police Department. 

Vangundy had met the girls online and housed them in his apartment, said police. He provided them with phones and taught them how to set up online profiles to meet unknown men for sex. Police said that Vangundy took a portion of the money they made from sex acts. 


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