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Today we are speaking with the CEO of Solinity, Josh Crisp. Josh is a senior living executive with more than 15 years of experience in development, construction, and management of senior living communities across the southeast. He has been a nationally certified senior living administrator (CALA) for 15 years. As a nationally certified Assisted Living Administrator, Crisp was first appointed by Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam to the Board for Licensing Health Care Facilities beginning January 2014. In 2018, Crisp launched a podcast specifically designed to inform, educate, and influence the senior housing industry. The passion project is a partnership of several like-minded influencers that formed the brand: Bridge the GapTM.
Josh certainly has a passion for philanthropy and giving back to his community. A project I am most passionate about and can’t wait to hear more on today is Josh’s 501c3 non-profit Pedal for Alzheimer’s, Ltd. Pedal for Alzheimer’s is the umbrella organization that creates and manages charity cycling events to benefit organizations that are involved in Alzheimer’s research, care, and education.
My goal for this webinar is to understand and further appreciate the intricacies of navigating the Senior care space. What are the opportunities, the barriers and opportunities during COVID and how Solinity is positioned to make a giant impact in the lives of Seniors and how technology plays a role in helping improve the health and well-being of Seniors. I am also interested in learning more about Josh and his passion for education and philanthropy and where Bridge the Gap and Pedal for Alzheimer’s will take him in 2021 and beyond.
Now, Josh, you and I have known each other since your time with Dominion Senior Living. Would you mind giving the listeners a little background on your story and journey into Senior living.
• Tell us about the history of Solinity and what does Solinity mean to you/Mission & Vision of Solinity
• You are a big reader. The last Book you recommended was QBQ (Question Behind the Question)- tell us
about your philosophy on personal accountability in busines and in life
• How did you find your calling/passion for the senior living community?
• What did the challenges of 2020 teach you in preparing for the future for Josh and the senior community?
• Why did you launch the Bridge the Gap podcast and tell me something really important you learned from
a guest or podcast?
• The Pedal for Alzheimer’s has grown bigger every year. Give us an overview of how Pedal For Pat came to
life. What’s next for 2021 and beyond?
• How are the technology challenges and opportunities to enhance the senior experience?
• What is the greatest issue facing our active aging community?
Thank you so much for your time today, your leadership and work in our Senior communities. You are truly providing life changing opportunities and we commend you for your work. If you want to get in touch with Josh Crisp or myself; this webinar will be made available online through multiple social media sites; you can go to Website for information regarding Josh’s teams work in senior communities; to learn more about this amazing organization and tune in to Bridge The Gap weekly at and you can also send an email to… Until next time I’m Wishing each of you a happy, healthy, safe and successful life!


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