Kate James of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation speaks at Rio + Social

Kate James of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation speaks about engaging communities online and on the ground to move toward a sustainable future at Rio + Social.

Rio+Social was held on the eve of Rio+20 (#RioPlus20) — the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development being held 20 years after the landmark 1992 Earth Summit in Rio — to give everyone a chance to help define and support UN efforts in creating the future we want (#futurewewant.).

As world leaders, along with thousands of participants from the private sector and civil society, came together to discuss a sustainable future in which we reduce poverty, advance social equity and ensure environmental protection, Rio+Social provided an innovative event and global conversation about the nexus of social media, technology, and sustainability, with thousands of participants around the world. Topics of conversation included how technology and digital and social media can impact the sustainability issues being considered at Rio+20, including: energy, cities, jobs, food, water, women, health, oceans, and disasters.

During the event, the #RioPlusSocial hash tag trended on Twitter in multiple cities and countries around the world, as well as globally, demonstrating the widespread enthusiasm for work with the UN to create a sustainable future.


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