Lamoine teen building shelter for a homeless female veteran for Girl Scout ‘Gold Award” project


LAMOINE, Maine (WABI) – “There’s absolutely nothing she can’t do once she puts her mind to it.”

That’s what Lori Jordan says about her daughter Kasey. But to say Kasey Jordan is simply ambitious is an understatement. Take her idea for the project she’s undertaking to get her Girl Scout ‘Gold Award,’ for example.

“My Gold Award project is to build a 24 by 24 home for a homeless female veteran, and it would be transitional,” Kasey said. “So, they can go into the house, stay there for a little while to get the services that they need to get back on their feet.”

To help raise money, Kasey and her family have been doing bottle drives and making and selling masks by the hundreds.

“It’s been particularly hard with COVID, but we’re figuring it out.”

“I told her it could be done,” Lori said. “We just keep encouraging her that if there’s a will, there’s a way, and you can do it.”

The Lamoine community has been behind Kasey from the start. At one point the Jordans had so many people dropping off bottles and cans to their home, they were having a hard time keeping the front door clear. Eventually, they just put a collection trailer in front of the house so that people could drop off as many as they wanted at any time.

“She comes from a community that adopted her from day one,” said Lori. “If you ask any of them they’ll tell you, that’s their kid, too.”

The rubric for earning the Gold Award in Girl Scouts is almost as large as the task of raising money to build a house.

17-year-old Kasey doesn’t see it that way.

“Once we get the land, I don’t see how it’s going to be that big of a problem because it’s not like we aren’t getting money in,” she said. “It’s finding where to actually put it.”

“To see where this kid has come from, and how much she has done…she’s an awesome kid,” Lori said. “I wouldn’t trade her for anything in the world.

If you’d like to donate to Kasey’s Gold Award project to help her build a house for a homeless female veteran, send an email to

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