Lauren Daigle – You Say (Cover by Nadia Khristean ft. Rise Up Children's Choir)

Watch Nadia Khristean and Rise Up Children’s Choir sing a powerful version of Lauren Daigle’s “You Say.” Filmed over 2 months ago, this was the last video created before everything changed. The lyrics of this song and timing of the message in this music video couldn’t be more perfect. In times where things can feel so uncertain, remember, you are loved, you are strong, you are held and you belong💛

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Nadia is so grateful to work with Rise Up Children’s Choir on this project! See other music videos by Rise Up Children’s Choir here:

Special thanks to Patrons who helped sponsor this video:
John Yantosca
Marshall Thompson
Kendal Hunter

Filmed on-location (with the incredible staff support) at The White Shanty:

Rise Up Children’s Choir soloists and small groups – in order of appearance:
Emma Murdock –
Danny Kenny –

Featured children group A:
Abby Johnson –
Bella Tate
Christian Ritchie
Codee Barker
Drew Anderson
Eden Tate
Hannah Tate

Featured children group B:
Alice Alcorn
Colette Stringham
Haleigh Knighton
Hannah Bailey –
Ryan White
Sarah Kenny

Additional Soloists:
Stella Parry
Christian Ritchie
Codee Barker
Ryan White
Stella Parry
Lincoln Paul Mortensen
Isabel Rowley
Ian Turner
Sophie Patterson
Dakota Bailey
Julien Avoyan –
Bryson Ripley –

Audio production:
Arranged and Produced by Becky Willard and Nadia Khristean
Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by Becky Willard:
Choir and soloist recordings conducted by Scott Shattuck, music director for Rise Up Children’s Choir
Audio production support and coordination by Suzy Oliveira and Ryceejo Shattuck

Video production:
Produced by Nadia Khristean and Rise Up Children’s Choir
Directed by Nadia Khristean and Suzy Oliveira
Cinematography and editing by Brandon Young
Music Direction by Scott Shattuck –
Staging and blocking by Nadia Khristean
Staging assistance by Amy Oakeson and Aimee Ritchie
Wardrobe styling by Elizabeth Evans
Wardrobe assistance by Amanda Biesinger
Hair and makeup by Jenny Reynolds
Hair and makeup assistance by Lindsey Harman
On-site sound support: Amy Oakeson, Liz Murdock, and Laura Bernards
Lead Child Guardian: Saundra Farnsworth
Chaperone support Sheri Stringham and Emily Robbins
Additional staging and production support:
Gary Oakeson, Scott Anderson, Jenni Anderson, Aimee Ritchie, Chris Parson, Melanie Kirkland, Heather Parry, Millie Killpack, Jen Thatcher, Emily Parry, Emily Widdison, Marcie Alcorn, Kate Bailey, Sarah Parson, Melissa Jeppson
Behind the Scenes photography by Jaime Ward
Closed Captioning by Aldrin Solco:

Nadia Khristean loves to work on projects for a cause. Nadia has partnered with many sponsors and charities to create music videos that raise awareness for a cause. She has worked with organizations such as doTERRA’s Healing Hands Foundation, Operation Underground Railroad, Utah National Guard Survivor Outreach, MIB Agents of Cancer, Utah Foster Care, etc. She is also a dynamic performer and guest speaker. She has performed at events in the Vivint arena and Salt Palace in front of crowds with 15,000+ people. She has also been the keynote speaker at countless youth events, rehab centers, leaderships trainings, school assemblies, etc.

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Rise Up Children’s Choir, Utah’s premiere contemporary vocal performance group for children ages 5 to 18, uses social media in wonderful and transformative ways to make the world a better place – one view, one like, and one share at a time. Rise Up Children’s Choir was founded in 2019 by Amy Oakeson and Suzy Oliveira, with musical direction by Scott & Ryceejo Shattuck and Katie Houts. See more of Rise Up Children’s Choir music videos here:

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