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Learned about sex trafficking at session | Letters To Editor


I had the opportunity to attend the community session on human trafficking presented by Penny Ronning. It was three hours well spent and I learned so much.

It was great to see Pat Mischel, candidate for Senate 18, at this session.

It was disappointing that our current senator was not in attendance. It was even more disappointing when I realized Steve Hinebauch was the only senator that voted against SB 147, a bipartisan bill that passed 49-1. This bill revised laws concerning human trafficking and sex crimes to protect victims.

Penny Ronning made these four notable statements:

• Trafficking is a crime against humanity

• Trafficking is a community problem that needs community solutions with law enforcement, clergy, teachers, medical personnel, businesses and many other individuals working together

• We need to contact our legislators because we need better laws

• It begins by our vote because our vote has the power to protect and make change.

Pat Mischel has my vote. I am hopeful he will help Eastern Montana and Montana move forward on this important issue, human trafficking.

Susan Peterson, Glendive, Mont.


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