Letting a tiny Homeless Dog Pick his First Meal!

I can’t believe what he actually picked as his favorites 😝 Bugsy is available for adoption! He is the tiniest rescue dog with a giant personality. Getting to make him his first homemade where he gets to pick the ingredients he wants is SO much fun. The fact that Bugsy the senior puppy knows exactly what dog food he likes and doesn’t like makes this even more fun. In my video where I Paid Pet Portrait ‘Experts’ to Paint my Dog we focused on my dog Kobe who is one years old and in my last video Making Giant Bubbles for Dogs! we highlighted some awesome dogs a a really cool local business but I wanted to take some time to feature a senior dog in this video. Senior dogs are often overlooked at shelters because of their age, but let me tell you I have adopted a senior dog before and it is really great to be able to show that dog love in their final days!

Answers a few questions for me and get a gift at the end 🎂

Follow Love Bug Rescue and reach out to them to adopt Bugsy

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