Leveraging Technology and Philanthropy to Teach Impoverished Children to Read: Session 159 with…

In Session 159 of The Behavioral Observations Podcast, Michael Maloney returns to the show. We spend a few minutes catching up since the last time we spoke (see Session 129), but then pivot to his recent collaboration with the Canadian charity organization, the Amorak Society. With help from the Rotary International’s literacy initiative, these partners deployed Michael’s reading program, The Maloney Method, to over 2500 children in some of the poorest areas of Bangladesh via a smartphone-based app.

I won’t spoil the all the good parts here in the episode description, but let me just say that this is an amazing story of dissemination that I hope you enjoy as much as I did.

For those interested in learning more about Michael and/or the reading software, check out his website, MaloneyMethod.com. Michael will also be conducting a series of webinars with Behavior Development Solutions throughout the month of June, so please check those out if you’d like to learn directly from him.

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