Lightning Fundraiser for Domestic Violence Shelters

GIVEAWAY IS CLOSED! Today, we’re going to strike back against the darkness a bit and try and raise some money for a very good cause. Here’s the donation link: CLOSED!
1) Make a donation of $20 USD or more directly to your local domestic violence shelter

2) Email your donation receipt to

3) Register your donation in the Google Form below
Please provide your US shipping address there

4) You’ll be put into the list for the giveaway
Everybody has the same chance to win!

5) The largest single donation is guaranteed to win the Herman Knives Dragonfly
This is the largest single donation. Please make your donation in one lump sum, once, rather than combining several.
I will not share the current largest amount 🙂

6) I’ll pick the winners on Tuesday, March 2nd, at 3pm Pacific
I’ll use’s Certified Draw Service


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