Lobbying 101: Influencing Your Government Leaders for Positive Change

This webinar will provide you with practical applications of how to lobby elected officials locally and federally and explain why you matter in the legislative process

1) How to find who is your elected official(s)
2) How to contact your elected official(s)
3) What information to provide


CarolAnn Peterson, PhD
Domestic Violence Consultant
Dr. Peterson is a former full-time Lecturer at the University of Southern California and joined the School of Social Work in January 2004, where she teaches courses on domestic violence; leadership; diversity; policy and advocacy; and global violence against women. Her recently published book is Interpersonal Aggression: Complexities of Domestic and Intimate Partner Abuse. She spent 10 years as a registered lobbyist in California for the California Federation of Business & Professional Women which included an unofficial advisory role for the original drafting of the Violence Against Women Act. She is also a certified national expert witness on strangulation prevention. Dr. Peterson has done training for the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center and also does training for domestic violence shelter staff, corporate America and non-profit organizations.


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