Local law firm donates $100,000 to Clara White Mission


Seth Pajcic (left) hands a ceremonial $100,000 check to Clara White Mission CEO Ju'Coby Pittman on Monday outside the facility.

A $100,000 donation to Jacksonville’s Clara White Mission will immediately help feed an estimated 1,200 homeless people at its annual pre-Thanksgiving meal this Saturday.

And the Monday afternoon donation by the law firm of Pajcic and Pajcic will also help feed the 300 men, women and children they help every day, an emotional mission CEO Ju’Coby Pittman said. 

Pittman said they are not the only nonprofit group struggling right now. In fact, some of those who used to volunteer to help give a hot meal and packaged food to the clients have become homeless themselves due to loss of job and income due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“This is definitely a game-changer for Clara White Mission,” Pittman said. “I didn’t expect this check, but I can tell you that we need it more now than ever. … These dollars will go to have more packaged food for families who come to the mission.”


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