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Local organization gives back to those in need on Christmas Day


MONROE, La. (KNOE) – One local organization is coming together to give back to the community. “Feed the forgotten” is in its 5th year of giving back to the homeless community here in NELA.

“Feed the forgotten” is one local organization that’s making sure everyone is taken care of and has what they need this Christmas.

The group hosted its 5th Annual Christmas Edition at noon on Christmas day. They showed up in a big way with donations from volunteers and others in the community to provide a better Christmas experience for the homeless.

Organization leaders and volunteers meet under the Lea Joyner bridge in Downtown Monroe. “Feed the forgotten” Co-founder Justin Ward said they picked that spot for a specific reason. Saying that, its directly between the salvation army and the DeSiard street shelter.

They chose this location so people passing between both locations can stop by and get what they want or need on the Christmas holiday.

Fed the Forgotten provided clothing, shoes, jackets, socks as well as blankets. They also prepared to go meals donated from “Does Eat Place” in Dowton Monroe along with soup and hot chocolate. This year the organization also brought toys to donate to families with children. Ward says he’s noticed alt of kids get looked over in previous years.

“I’ve been noticing over the past 4 years that some people come out with kids that aren’t really getting much, so I’m like ok let’s start collecting toys, and those kids that don’t really get anything this will make their Christmas a little better, so I’m just giving back to the community because there is a need here and I’m willing to share.”

If you want to get involved, volunteer or donate to Fed the Forgotten, below just click the link to the organization’s facebook page.

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