Louis Broadway-Phillips pleads guilty to sex trafficking, gets 10 years

Louis Broadway-Phillips

A man who pleaded guilty to sex trafficking two women and a girl was sentenced to 10 years in prison, lifetime probation and sex offender registration in January, according to a statement released Friday. 

The Arizona Attorney General’s Office alleged that Louis Broadway-Phillips, 27, advertised on the internet from 2017 to 2018, took the women and girl to hotel rooms and forced them to perform prostitution acts in exchange for money. 

While released and pending trial, Broadway-Phillips contacted the women to threaten and try to convince them not to testify. He also used social media and his friends to harass and intimidate the women, according to the Attorney General Mark Brnovich. 

In October 2019, Broadway-Phillips was charged in a new case for influencing and tampering with witnesses after the state said all three victims reported Broadway-Phillips for contacting them, wanting them to relinquish their rights and recant their original statements, according to the attorney general. 

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