Love From A Distance – A Benefit Concert for COVID-19 Relief

Love From a Distance is a recital of Early Broadway and 40s love songs, featuring the melodies of Cole Porter, Jules Styne, Nicolas Brodszky, and many more!
All proceeds from this concert will be evenly divided between the Jewish Federation of the Desert’s Emergency Relief Fund and the Know Your Rights Camp COVID-19 Relief Fund. Click the link if you’d like to make a contribution:

Learn more about this project at:

Presenting Artists:
Elise Lawrence, Elisa Yi Mei Chan, and Jason Byer at the piano with singers Courtney McPhail, Karen Notovitz, Mia Skolnick, Edmond Rodriguez, Isabella Uhl, Ricardo Garcia, Madeleine Lew, and Sarah Lew on the cello.

Find the program here:

Produced by Madeleine Lew and Karen Notovitz
Video editing by Karen Notovitz

Song Times:
0:00:00 Intro
0:01:39 You’re My Everything
0:05:28 It Had to Be You
0:07:08 So in Love
0:09:55 Two Sleepy People
0:13:22 Unforgettable
0:16:52 Time After Time
0:19:08 Beloved
0:23:11 Because You’re Mine
0:25:14 I’d Rather be Blue
0:29:07 Bill
0:33:39 My Yiddishe Momme
0:39:04 Ich hop dir zufiel lieb
0:44:04 This Love of Mine
0:46:23 Anniversary Waltz
0:49:17 Bei Mir Bistu Sheyn
0:51:33 We’ll Meet Again
0:55:36 Be my Love
0:58:34 Credits

Translation for Ich hop dir tsufiel lib from


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