Madison to buy site for men’s emergency homeless shelter on Far East Side | Local Government

“This acquisition is a critical first step in achieving that goal,” she said. “I’m grateful for the partnerships that got us this far, and I’m looking forward to working with the county and the community over the next year to make this a reality.”

The city would deliver $3 million, and Dane County Executive Joe Parisi has already recommended the county contribute another $3 million, for an initiative to serve homeless men. The 4111 East Towne Boulevard property would cost $1.3 million, and the adjacent property, if acquired, perhaps another $700,000, leaving $4 million for interim renovations and further development.

“I included $3 million in my 2021 county budget to jumpstart a collaboration to improve our sheltering network,” Parisi said. “As we saw with the Beacon Day Resource Center, big projects work when trusted, effective partners come together around a common purpose; in this case that’s improving services for our most vulnerable.”

The plan, however, still leaves the city and county stressed to provide short-term emergency men’s shelter for the next year or so. 

The mayor’s resolution authorizes expedited hiring of architectural and engineering services to prepare conversion of the child care center to an interim homeless shelter, but that initial phase of the project won’t be completed until the first quarter of 2022, officials said. The city, which can’t use Warner Park as a temporary shelter indefinitely, is exploring short-term options.

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