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Man arrested for allegedly kidnapping and sex trafficking teen


LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A traffic stop led Metro Police to a girl who was being groomed for Human Sex Trafficking. According to an arrest report released Tuesday, 49-year-old Trevor Carter, 26-year-old Summayah Carthon face the following charges:

  • Sex Trafficking a Child under 18
  • Kidnapping a Minor
  • Child Abuse/Neglect
  • Conspire to Commit Sex Trafficking

Authorities first came in contact with Carter, Carthon, and the juvenile on On Oct. 11 during a vehicle stop at the Mardi Gras Hotel located at 3500 Paradise Road. Because the girl was underage, she was taken to Child Haven. Advocates there spoke to her and reported to police that they believed she could be involved in prostitution.

Detectives with the Child Exploitation Task Force arrived at Child Haven to talk to the minor on Oct. 20.

According to the arrest report, the underage girl met Carthon on Oct. 3 while she and her family were in Las Vegas on vacation. Carthon saw the girl and told her she was pretty. They eventually exchanged information.

The girl and her family left Las Vegas on Oct. 5, but on Oct. 10 the girl bought a plane ticket and flew back to Las Vegas. The report said she flew back to Las Vegas because she wanted to come back and do more things without her mother here.

The teen girl called Carthon who picked her up from the airport. She then took her to a place she called her apartment. They switched cars, and then Carthon took the teen to the Mardi Gras Hotel where she rented a room.

Eventually, the teen met Carter. Carter, also known as Smiley, and Carthon took the teen shopping because they said the clothes she had with her were simple, and they “wanted her to look pretty.”

After buying her a dress and shoes, the report said Carter and Carthon began to engage the teen in a discussion about her making easy money by becoming a prostitute.

They gave her tips such as:

  • Charge $500 per date
  • Always make the trick drink a shot to make sure they’re not an undercover officer.
  • Don’t let the trick touch the condom.
  • Look for men with cowboy buckles and boots.
  • Don’t talk to black guys because they don’t pay; talk to white and Asian men.

Carter also told the teen that she would have to give it all to him when she makes money, the report said. As they were driving back to the hotel, Metro Police conducted a traffic stop on their vehicle. That is when Carter and Carthon were arrested, and the teen was taken to Child Haven.


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